Looking for ideas for what to buy the kids for Christmas?

If you want ideas for Christmas presents for your children or grandchildren, then check out our top ten present suggestions!

Idea #1: Buggy Plates

Great New Zealand christmas present ideas

Here's a great idea for the kids: a buggy plate to out on their bike, pushchair or pram, with their name. Just like a real personalised number plate! It can have a flag (or two) and their date of birth. Also good for the oldies: you can put it on a golfkart, walker or mobility scooter!

Click here to go to the Buggy Plates website

Idea #2: Meccano

What can I buy my grandson for Christmas?

You can't go wrong with Meccano. Get the kids off the screens and devices and get them building something amazing!

Click here to go to the New Zealand Meccano Distributor site

Idea #3: Siku Toys

What can I buy my granddaughter for Christmas?

Siku Toys are high quality model cars, trucks and tractors that are not only fun toys, but also great collectibles.

Click here to go to the Club Siku website

Idea #4: Segway Board

Idea #4: Segway Board

Get your children outside this Christmas! With a Segway board, Your children will be pleading you to go outside on them! These boards may even be able to teach your children how to drive when they are older. Segway boards are the futuristic version of ripsticks. Buy one for your child this Christmas and they may never want to return to their devices. In fact, your child may never want to go back inside.

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Idea #5: Spinning Magnetic Orbs

Get your child some magnetic spinning orbs this christmas and keep them busy hours on end!

Idea #6: Moldable erasers

Give your kids something to play with this Christmas, give them something that will even help them in school! give them the Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit. 

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Idea #7: Indoor Snowballs

Get in a fight with your kids this Christmas - a snowball fight! Snow balls that are friendly to the person getting hit by them, and also your vase, which won't smash if it were hit by a snowball.

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